Did you know that there is an angel of hope? Angel Phanuel wants you to know that when you hope or expect something positive to happen in your life, it usually does. Positive thoughts and actions will produce positive results. Phanuel is encouraging you to follow your heart and believe in acting on those positive thoughts.

Channel your mind’s energy to be more focused on positive expectations. When you do, you increase the Universal flow of energy to help create positive situations in your life. Phanuel will see to it that hope will always be a constant in your life. No matter what external forces come your way, whether negative or positive, she will give you the strength to continue to believe in yourself and honor yourself.

RBSE Result 2018 French poet, Victor Hugo once said, “Ideas can no more flow backward than can a river.” I want you to think about that statement. Imagine your life as a river. It can only flow one direction – forward. If you feed your mind and heart with positive energy, your path will be cleared for you to go forward in the direction that is best for you. Not only will you be able to move in a forward motion, you will be able to pick up gold nuggets of wisdom and prosperity along the way. As you do, Angel Phanuel will always give you that extra ounce of hope to carry your positive energy with you everywhere you go and in everything you encounter.

\About the Author: Joan Marie Ambrose and her daughter, Joan Marie Whelan have created this children’s Company to further teach children and their caregiver’s about changing the way they act and react with others in a positive and moral manner.

Through the small books that feature the messages from the angel realm, these stories inspire and encourage children to form good wholesome habits that everyone will benefit from. Lit’l Messengers, the Power Angels are the superhero’s that teach and share the messages. Visit our Lit’l Messengers on this site and learn more about their purpose and function in the terrestrial realm.